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Marriage: A Taste of Heaven
Vol. II:
God's People Make the Best Lovers

Patsy Rae Dawson

First 4 chapters FREE
"Inhibited Desire & Pleasure"

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Incredible Lovemaking

I'm a bit shy about sharing this information (and although there still seems to be a pattern of infrequency in lovemaking) the intimate times we have shared together in the last few months have been some of the most incredible we've ever had together. The mind really does matter as you teach in Vol. II: God's People Make the Best Lovers!

You Get It!

You are one of the few women I've read who "gets it," that lovemaking is an emotional experience for a man if it is good. If his wife is not emotionally involved in expressing sexual love, then it is very unsatisfying. A limp body just doing its duty never satisfied any man.

Amazon Review from New York

God has not left us to find our own way when it comes to marriage - and intimacy. He gives us clear teaching and this book digs deeply into His word and shows us the riches of what God intends marriage and lasting intimacy to be.

If you find yourself in a desperate marriage where pornography or adultery, etc. are issues then I recommend you start with this volume, Volume II. There is hope!

Alabama Preacher's Amazon Review

Vol. 2 is more focused on the sexual relationship in marriage. It is occasionally quite explicit which is just what we need in today's society. It is a wonderful tool in marriage classes with married couples. Much of what the book contains needs to be taught to children as they are ready to hear it by their parents.

Most of us need continual refresher courses on this material to strengthen our own marriages and help us enjoy sex with our spouses even more. Again, Patsy Dawson is thorough, easy to understand, and her illustrations hit home.

Thanks for writing two wonderful volumes on the most important relationship there is between two human beings. Buy them, read them, live it, and share!

This exciting volume deals with sexual love from a fresh perspective--the Bible. You'll learn the key for a glorious orgasm for both the husband and the wife that science discovered only recently, but it has always been present in the Bible. The Bible provides proper sex education for each stage of development from puberty through the temptation for middle-aged affairs. You'll find the discussion of Victorian morals so fascinating you won't want to put the book down. Deals frankly with sexual addictions and gives the procedure for overcoming sexual problems. Surveys and medical facts will convince you, "It's true! God's people really do make the best lovers!"

Over 400 major scriptural points in each book, with examples from everyday life, beautifully show the power of the Bible for solving marriage problems and transforming lives.

Reader: "Patsy's materials are are such a radical divergence from everything else on the market. Imagine going straight to God's word for help and healing in your marriage….what a novel idea!!!!"

Help for avoiding and solving sexual problems!

  • God deals with the #1 sexual problem--inhibited sexual desire and pleasure.
  • Discover how thrilling rapture in the mate's arms is better than illicit lust.
  • Find real sexual liberation from the One in whose mind sexual love originated.
  • Delight in God's solution for lack of compatibility.
  • See how God designed the older woman to be an exciting lover.
  • God's lovemaking techniques give greater pleasure than all the sex toys.
  • Replace masturbation with lovemaking with a "real" person.
  • Learn how lovemaking gets better with age.
  • God's formula for overcoming sexual addiction works better than support groups and psychologists.
  • Studying together helps rebuild trust and teaches how to talk about sensitive subjects.
  • Plus much more!

Your love life will never be the same!

Series Information

The Marriage: A Taste of Heaven series is written by an award-winning author and minister's wife, Patsy Rae Dawson, after over twenty-five years of teaching marriage classes and working with both men and women. The series consists of Vol. I: God's People Appreciate Marriage and Vol. II: God's People Make the Best Lovers. These volumes offer the most comprehensive material available on marriage and the Bible. Over 400 major scriptural points in each book, with examples from everyday life, beautifully show the power of the Bible for solving marriage problems and transforming lives. Thought-provoking study, research, goal-achieving and personal exercises help both husbands and wives achieve lasting results.

The two volumes of Marriage: A Taste of Heaven are ideal for both class and personal use. Churches all over the United States and many foreign countries use these books in their marriage classes for both men and women and teenagers. The set makes an excellent gift. Both men and women love them.

One reader wrote, "The preacher is teaching out of the Marriage: A Taste of Heaven books in our couples' class. The response has been tremendous. These books are responsible for much happiness in this town!"

Table of Contents

First 4 chapters FREE
"Inhibited Desire & Pleasure"

Click here for pdf file

The Problem: Inhibited Sexual Desire and Pleasure

Solution I: God's Morals vs. Man's Morals
(How to Deal with Myths that Hinder Love)

Chapter 1: Sexual Happiness for God's People
Chapter 2: Mankind's Abuses of Sexual Love
Chapter 3: The Victims of Victorian Morals
Chapter 4: Victorian Morals and Feminists

Solution II: Fulfillment vs. Frustration
(How to Find Supreme Pleasure in Sexual Love)

Chapter 5: The Sexually Frustrated Woman
Chapter 6: The Sexually Fulfilled Woman
Chapter 7: The Sexually Frustrated Man
Chapter 8: The Sexually Fulfilled Man

Solution III: The Wife vs. The Strange Woman
(How to Turn Your Spouse On Instead of Off)

Chapter 9: The False Promise of an Affair
Chapter 10: The Older Wife, an Exciting Lover
Chapter 11: Satisfying the Woman with Love
Chapter 12: Satisfying the Man with Reverence

Solution IV: One Flesh vs. One Body
(How to Liberate the Body and Mind for Love)

Chapter 13: The Secret of Becoming One Flesh
Chapter 14: The Sin Against the Whole Body
Chapter 15: Obeying the Law of Compatibility
Chapter 16: Sexual Problems in Perspective

What Readers Say

Used Successfully in Classes!

"My studies with the women in the church here have been very edifying and have helped marriages. Thank you for taking the time to write such good books. I appreciate your word definitions, as you are very complete. Having only studied the Greek language for a couple of years, I know that I have much to learn; but I know enough to know that many who use Greek to prove points are not completely honest with their audiences about all the possible meanings. It is refreshing to study something that gives the whole story." (Bible class teacher)

Sexual Healing for Couples!

"My wife and I had some good conversations after reading this book. It greatly improved our relationship. Lots of couples would benefit from reading this book and discussing it." (Gospel Preacher)

Praised by Reviewers!

"A splendid work extolling the joys of sex in Christian marriage. And even though Patsy Rae Dawson proves her points though meticulous research in the oldest source of all--the Bible--the conclusions reached totally support our modern concept of the sexual equality of the sexes. This is such an unusual approach to a popular topic, it's an uplifting piece of work." (Elsa Russell, retired associate editor of READER'S DIGEST and contest judge)

"Volume II contains frank but tasteful discussion of sexual matters which are integral to any marriage--and which are all too often avoided in our discussion of marriage within the context of the church. This is unfortunate, since God is, after all, the designer of human sexual relationships and His Word speaks clearly about it. By our failure to do likewise, we have too often left the impression that sex is something that God and Christians are a little afraid of or 'hung-up' about. This volume is a welcome antidote to such notions. These volumes can be used admirably for Bible study classes. They should be used for women's AND MEN'S Bible studies. But beyond that, these are books every married Christian, and every preacher, elder or others who must deal with fracturing marriages, should read." (Steve Wolfgang, gospel preacher, GUARDIAN OF TRUTH MAGAZINE)

"Absolutely the most thorough book on sex education for God's people written today. Pictures a woman as the wonderful initiator of love. Not for the timid reader who would rather sexual matters were not discussed. Nevertheless, this is an excellent book which we recommend." (Floyd Chappelear, gospel preacher and editor, SENTRY MAGAZINE)

Appreciated by Men!

"As a husband and father, I'll tell you what appeals to men about your books--it's the logical way in which you present your material." (Texas Christian)

"Not only has this book done wonders for my own marriage, but I plan to keep an extra copy to loan to people who come to me for counseling. I think it will help a lot of people." (Gospel Preacher)

"My wife gave me a copy of this book. I'm not only enjoying it, but I'm impressed with the depth of it." (Illinois Christian)

Helps Troubled Marriages!

"I was so angry about the way my husband treated me sexually, I didn't even want to read the book. After reading the first chapter, my whole attitude changed. After finishing the book, I had a better idea of how to correct our problems. Within weeks, people started asking me what had happened to us, we seemed so loving all of a sudden." (Washington Christian)

Love for Husband Increases!

"I was amazed to discover so much in the Bible on how to love my husband and how to love being a woman. Now I love my husband and children with a love I have never experienced. I never realized I had the potential to love this much in my heart." (Texas Christian)

Can't Put It Down!

"I found the book so fascinating I could hardly put it down." (Texas Christian)

I've been reading your new book Vol. II and once again being refreshed and encouraged to keep learning, growing, and teaching. (Ladies' Bible class teacher)

"I want you to know that your book is perfect. It is the first book on sex that explains everything our children need and must know, that I have ever read in my seventy-two years, that has true love showing all throughout it. You've made it easy for us to understand God's word and given us the facts for teaching our children. As old as I am, I hated to lay it down and always hurried back to it." (Washington Christian)

Excellent Gifts!

"This book is so good that I want to order two more for wedding gifts." (Washington Christian)

"We received a set of these books for a wedding gift. My husband immediately read all of Volume II. Then he said, 'That's the best book I've ever read.' " (Texas Reader)

Timely for a Troubled World!

"I'm thrilled with the approach Patsy Rae Dawson has taken toward this sensitive subject. God didn't tell us to be prudes, but to be modest. While the author speaks very plainly about her subject, she stays within the realm of good taste." (Ladies' Bible class teacher and lecturer)

"God's People Make the Best Lovers is so timely and practical that I want to share it with a neighbor I'm trying to teach. I think it will help get her attention." (Washington Christian)

Your marriage will never be the same!
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