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Challenges in Marriage
What to Do When Sin Inhibits Love

Patsy Rae Dawson

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"One more thing, FYI, I have listened to all the classes, some of them several times, looked at some of the scriptures, and read all the outlines, that is where I got my courage and confidence and sanity!!!" (Canadian Christian)

Over the course of the past two or three months, I have gone through the book Marriage: A Taste of Heaven, the accompanying tape series, and the Challenges in Marriage tape series. All of them are fantastic. (Christian)

I have gone through your Challenges in Marriage classes and the first thing I realized is that I'm not crazy; that I have been suffering emotional abuse. You have given such biblical and practical helps in this area, and I have begun to practice my "mirror lines." I realize my situation is not nearly so bad as many. My husband also has many fine qualities and we generally enjoy each other's company as long as we don't get into personal discussions. But I also felt angry that I had put up with so much over the years and felt trapped. I have gone through the classes twice. Thanks! (Canadian Christian)

Your material on fighting fair has really opened my eyes. My husband used to punch my buttons with ease. Now I remain calm, and he's confused about why he can't bully his way through to winning an argument. (New York Christian)

Update: "There has not been any verbal abuse in this house since I've learned how to fight fair and stuck with it until my husband also learned to fight fair."

Patsy Rae Dawson has taught marriage classes, specifically the Marriage: A Taste of Heaven series, for over thirty-five years. Challenges in Marriage came about from students requesting help with severe problems that didn't respond to the usual classes on marriage. Through surveys and looking back on her many years of experience, she discovered that every time a marriage doesn't respond, some type of sin is being covered up in the home. Her resulting study and going through training at two women's shelters led to publishing this series of classes.

Many of the dark secrets found in marriages are openly dealt with as the series teaches the natural course of sin from just a beginning slip to where it completely enslaves and controls the person and inhibits love. Yet even in these cases, God has given his people tremendous influence and power for correcting these situations. God even deals with "husband" abuse as he describes the odious and clamorous wife.

Challenges in Marriage teaches what to do about sin in the home and offers help for couples drowning in problems:

Financial Neglect
Judging Motives

Sexual Addiction
Spouse Abuse
Unreasonable Perfectionism
Plus Other Areas

This album uses over 400 major scriptural points, with examples from everyday life, to demonstrate the power of the Bible for solving marriage problems and transforming lives.

Reader: "Patsy's materials are such a radical divergence from everything else on the market. Imagine going straight to God's word for help and healing in your marriage´┐Ż.what a novel idea!!!!"

You'll be amazed at how much
God cares and provides answers for desperate marriages!

Timely Topics Discussed

  • Dealing with spouse abuse: mental, physical, and spiritual
  • Handling financial and sexual neglect
  • Facing adultery, sexual addiction, drunkenness, and drug use
  • Recognizing how sin can turn into an addiction
  • Living with unreasonable, compulsive perfectionism
  • Exposing sin rather than minimizing it
  • When love turns to a personal fight for emotional survival
  • Taking charge of your own life while letting the other accept personal responsibility
  • Growing up emotionally
  • Learning how to not be codependent
  • How the church can help by applying peer pressure
  • Following Paul's example and appealing to the government for protection
  • Using the "hand-cuff" cure as a godly means of escape
  • Repairing a damaged self-image
  • Opportunities to teach the gospel to people in desperate marriages
  • Befriending or counseling someone in a desperate marriage
  • The danger of thinking, "It'll get better with time."
  • How silence and tolerance promote greater sin
  • Understanding the cycle of violence and love
  • How to have a fight without sinning
  • The power women have to change the course of an argument
  • False Bible arguments that keep the wife submissive to sin
  • Misconceptions of subjection that encourage sin
  • Harm to the church when sin in the home is covered-up
  • Damage to the victim's soul when sin is not dealt with
  • False guilt-trips--Satan's most powerful weapon
  • Discover the wisdom and love of God through problem-solving
  • How to keep a marriage happy and avoid a desperate marriage
  • These 15 Sessions Will Open Your Eyes

    Profile of Desperate Marriages
    Abigail: Married to a Jerk
    Sins that Inhibit Love
    Profile of the Habitual Sinner
    Codependence and the Bible
    Overcoming Codependence
    Abuse of Leadership
    False Concepts of Subjection

    Wedlock vs. Deadlock
    More Character Defects
    How to Fight Fair
    How to Face Anger
    Peer Pressure in the Church
    Guidelines for Counseling
    Women of Great Price
    Handouts in PDF Format

    When many desperate husbands and wives listen to the profile of a desperate wife, they realize that someone understands what they are going through. God does offer hope for their situation.

    You are probably a desperate spouse who needs
    Challenges in Marriage if

    • you're bitter
    • you feel like you're losing it
    • you feel like you're drowning
    • you either cry all the time or can no longer cry
    • you live with ridicule
    • you think you're going crazy
    • you're fighting for emotional survival
    • you're told you're stupid
    • you work harder at your marriage than your friends do
    • you walk on eggshells around your mate
    • you think God has abandoned you
    • you think everything is your fault
    • you are overpowered by your mate's anger
    • you are paralyzed by codependence

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